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6 December 2015
Light a Light of Love
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It is with heavy hearts we share with you that on July 23, 2015 CSP Executive Director, Margot Carlson passed away after a brief illness. Only a few months ago, Margot celebrated her 40th anniversary at the helm of CSP and she continued to lead our organization with passion and vigor until her final days.
We feel her loss keenly today. Margot was our leader and inspiration. She was loved and respected by her family, friends and colleagues. Whether they knew her name or not, Margot was a passionate advocate for all who entrusted CSP to help them during the most fragile times of their lives. Abused children, struggling families, acting-out adolescents, victims of crime, people in need of mediation and individuals in crisis all can thank Margot for the safe havens she helped to create.
Margot’s bounty of accomplishments touched people in every corner of Orange County.  We embraced her energy, optimism and tireless advocacy for troubled children and abuse victims. She taught us to enter conversations with the expectation of building collaboration. And she reminded us that a big heart, with the clarity to do what is right, could reform the world by changing one life at a time. Two months ago, the Coastline Pilot published a feature story about Margot in recognition of her 40th anniversary with CSP(,0,1639212.story?page=1). We invite you to read it and discover Margot’s strength and determination to make the world a better place. We encourage you to share it with those who knew Margot or those who would like to learn of her legacy.

We ask you keep Margot's family in your thoughts.

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