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Elder Abuse

Elder or dependent adult victims may be subject to physical or sexual abuse, emotional abuse, intentional or unintentional caregiver neglect, or financial exploitation. As the population of older adults grows, it is expected that the hidden problem of elder abuse, exploitation, and neglect will continue to increase. In the year 2020 it is expected that adults over the age of 65 will number about 52 million and currently adults over age 85 are the fastest growing population. Research indicates that more than one in ten elders may experience some types of abuse, but less than one in five cases are reported.

Elder or Dependent Adult Abuse is a Crime. Victims of elder or dependent adult abuse are often reluctant to report the abuse, especially if the abuse is perpetrated by a spouse, adult child or a caretaker with whom they have developed a relationship. Frequently the victim is dependent financially and/or may rely on the abuser for needed medical care. The good news is that there is help available.

CSP Elder or Dependent Adult Victim Services is available to help you:

  • Apply for a temporary restraining order,
  • Explore options for safe housing,
  • Assist in accessing counseling services, and
  • Provide support during criminal justice system proceedings

Reporting Elder Abuse:
To report abuse, or suspected abuse contact Adult Protective Services at (800) 451-5155 (24/7).

If the suspected abuse is occurring in a long term care facility, such as a nursing home or board and care home, call the Long-Term Care Ombudsman at (714) 479-0107 or (800) 300-6222 (24/7)

Call the police immediately if you suspect abuse that is life threatening. They will notify any other agency which may need to be involved.

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