Homicide Victim Services

Homicides are tragic for the surviving family and friends and circumstances surrounding the crime are often horrific. The sudden death of a loved can lead to feelings of helplessness, frustration, and anger. Additionally, the judicial process in homicide cases is often drawn out over a period of years, often becoming the focal point in the lives of surviving family members.

If the case is unsolved, the survivors deal not only with the loss of a loved one but also the knowledge that the perpetrator of the crime is still at large. This can create feelings of frustration with the system and fear for the safety of other members of the family and friends.

The goal of Homicide Victim Services is to provide support to the family and friends of murdered victims through the investigation and prosecution of the offender. The advocates strive to minimize the devastating impact of these crimes through crisis intervention, help with funeral and burial arrangements, emergency assistance, referrals to support groups, and support throughout the process of investigation and/or trial.

Additional Services Provided:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Explanations on how the criminal justice system works
  • Help in having property returned
  • Help in filing for Victim of Crime Compensation
  • Help in obtaining funeral and/or burial assistance
  • Court support
  • Emergency assistance
  • Crime-scene cleanup referrals
  • Help in writing Victim Impact Statements
  • Accompaniment to law enforcement and prosecution interviews

Other Useful Resources:

  • Parents of Murdered Children (714) 999-7132
  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving (714) 838-6199
  • Victims of Crime Resource Center (800) VICTIMS
  • Compassionate Friends (877) 969-0010
  • California Victim Compensation Program (800) 777-9229
  • State Attorney General (877) 433-9069
  • California Department of Corrections (877) 256-6877
  • Orange County Jail Victim Notification (800) 721-8021