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Juvenile Diversion Services

We know that contact with law enforcement and the juvenile justice system can be a trying time for families. CSP's Juvenile Diversion Program is designed to provide an alternative to the Juvenile Justice System to youths ages 10-17, and their families in Orange County. The goals of the program are to provide early intervention for delinquent and pre-delinquent juveniles who have come into contact with police, probation, or school personnel. Additionally, Diversion Services assist the community by providing crisis intervention and counseling services to youth and families.

Referrals can be made to any or all components of the program, depending on the needs of the client and city of residence. CSP fees for services are based on income and ability to pay. No client will be denied service due to an inability to pay.

CSP's Diversion Program includes the following services:
  • Individual and Family Counseling
  • Crisis Intervention Services
  • Information/Referral Services
  • Community Restitution Program
  • Parents, Youth and the Law
  • Legal Awareness Workshops - LAW
  • Drug/Alcohol Education Groups
  • Tobacco Education Groups
  • Anger Management Groups
  • Truancy Reduction Intervention Program (TRIP)
Individual and Family Counseling:
Professional counselors work with youths and their families on a short-term basis to help them improve communication and develop coping and decision making skills. The goal is to increase positive family interactions and to promote responsible law abiding behavior by youth. Crisis intervention and a 24-hour helpline for information and referral services are also available. The initial assessment and 2 counseling sessions is $100.00. Ongoing sessions are $25.00 per session.*

Legal Awareness Workshops:
Juvenile offenders are held responsible for crimes by paying restitution to the victims for their losses or damages. These juvenile offenders may also be assigned to community service hours as a direct consequence for their behavior. The case management fee for this program is $45.00.* Spanish services are offered.

Juveniles and their parents referred by the Police Department attend a 3-hour educational workshop to learn about the juvenile justice system. The goal is for youths and their parents to develop an understanding of the impact and consequences of crime. Parent/youth interaction is an important dynamic of this workshop. The fee for the workshop is $50.00.* Spanish services are offered.

Drug & Alcohol Education Groups:
Small groups of youths meet for three, two hour sessions led by CSP counselors. The fourth session is for parents only. The youths become aware of their behavior patterns and understand the consequences of drug and alcohol use. These groups also help young people learn effective problem-solving and decision-making skills. The initial assessment fee is $50.00 (unless she/he is being served in Individual/Family Counseling) and the fee for the workshop is $100.00.*

Tobacco Education Groups:
Small groups of youths meet for three, two-hour sessions led by CSP counselors. Youths are educated about the effects of tobacco physically, legally, and emotionally. They learn alternatives to tobacco use and improve their decision making.

Anger Management Groups:
Small groups of youths meet for three, two hour sessions led by CSP counselors. The fourth session is for parents only. Anger management is a skill that can be learned like any other behavior. This group addresses the needs of adolescents who are identified by schools or the Juvenile Justice System for an inability to express their anger appropriately. A psycho-educational approach is utilized to develop new skills and recognize the ineffectiveness of the old behavior. The primary purpose of the group is to help youth identify the role of anger in their lives and understand the reasons behind their anger. Referrals are made for further treatment if necessary. The fee for the group is $100.00.*

Truancy Reduction Intervention Program:
CSP's Truancy Reduction Intervention Program (TRIP) is offered to students ages 11 – 17 who are at risk of academic failure due to attendance problems. Both the student and at least one parent attend two, 2-hour classes in order to complete the program. TRIP is designed to assist students in understanding the short and long term consequences of truancy, to assist them in learning to make sound decisions and assist them in goal-setting for their future. Additionally, TRIP provides students with pre-employment skills such as determining their transferable skills, completing job applications, and interview techniques. The fee for the workshop is $50.00*.

Parents, Youth and the Law:
Parents and youth offenders separate to attend their own 3 hour, two-session workshop designed to improve coping skills. This is an intensive, interactive class utilizing group exercises to teach youth: values clarification, communication skills, decision-making skills and assertion rather than aggression. Parents learn about adolescent development, clear communication, limit setting and how to promote positive self-esteem. The fee for the workshop is $95.00.

Specialized Groups

Social Skills, Decision-Making, Teaching and Understanding Respect and Non-Violence:
The primary purpose of these groups is to teach youth basic skills. Youth will identify areas of strengths, areas for improvement and will learn techniques to take control of their actions. Each group varies on length of time and fee for service.*

Additional coaching sessions to practice workshop concepts are available for $25 per session.

*Fees are based on ability to pay. No one is denied services due to an inability to pay.

The Diversion Program serves police/sheriff’s departments and school districts throughout Orange County. Staff are currently located in Anaheim, Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, Irvine, and Laguna Beach. Juvenile Diversion Services offers training programs and internship opportunities.

For more information, please contact Program Director, Kristen Gaborno, LMFT at (949) 724-7034.