Message From Our Executive Director, Ronnetta Johnson

Welcome to our website.  It is my honor to introduce you to Community Service Programs (CSP) and the wealth of services we provide to help make Orange County a better place to live!

CSP had a humble beginning. We started as a collaboration between UCI School of Social Ecology and local law enforcement with a single program focused on juvenile diversion services.  The University interns who comprised our first staff, worked to promote responsible law abiding behavior among youth who were in trouble with law enforcement. Over the more than 40 years of CSP’s history the agency has grown dramatically in size and scope of services.  Currently CSP implements twelve model programs that incorporate shelter services, crime victim assistance, youth development programs, comprehensive support for at-risk youth, conflict resolution, and community education programs.  We are honored to have been recognized for designing and implementing some of the most respected prevention and intervention programs in Southern California.

CSP services reach into every neighborhood of Orange County, creating opportunities and providing support which lead to positive change.  Youth and families are provided alternatives to violence and gang involvement in at-risk communities.  Youthful offenders are offered counseling and support services, which help them to see the possibility of positive choices for their lives and help set them on a path to success. Children ages 11-17 who are homeless, runaway, abused, or those struggling with mental health issues are sheltered in therapeutic home-like settings and given the support needed to get back on track.  CSP prevention and education programs provide members of the Orange County community information needed to lead healthier and safer lives. Individuals experiencing conflict can turn to CSP’s trained mediators for help in resolving their concerns. Struggling families can access individual and family counseling and parenting classes. Finally, victims and surviving family members learn to cope with the aftermath of crimes including domestic violence, sexual assault, homicide, gang violence, and human trafficking through the support and assistance of victim advocates.

Our goals focus on preventing future problems, setting youth on a more positive course, helping families to reunite, helping victims learn to cope with a new reality after being subjected to the brutality of others.  We invite you to celebrate with us the victory which is evident as 94% of the youth involved in our shelter programs reunite with their families.  We want you to rejoice in our track record of a 76% completion rate for our diversion program, which means that those children do not enter the juvenile justice system.  We could give you a variety of other statistics, but what we really care about is the long term impact on individual lives.  Earlier this year I participated in a rally for victims’ rights.  At the conclusion of the event a woman I had never met, approached me with tears in her eyes.  She said, “I want you to know that CSP – your staff – saved my life.  They were amazing and got me through the most difficult time in my life”. This was not hyperbole this is what we do.  Each year the staff and volunteers of CSP touch the lives of more than 125,000 people.  In certain circumstances we literally save lives.

We need your help to continue this wonderful work!  Please join the CSP family as we make a positive change in Orange County by making a donation, volunteering your time, or by sharing news about CSP with friends and family.