The Rx Project
Dedicated to preventing prescription drug abuse among Orange County youth.

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Now that you know about the problem of prescription drug abuse, you may be asking . . . What can I do?

Learn about medications being abused.
Click here to learn about drugs being abused, what they look like, what they’re called and how to spot abuse among youth.

Show youth that you care.
  • Tell them how proud you are of them
  • Keep the promises you make
  • Expect their best; don’t expect perfection
  • Empower them to help and be themselves
  • Love them, no matter what

Learn about the 40 Developmental Assets.
Developmental assets are factors that make our kids grow up to be healthy, caring, and responsible. Click here to learn what they are and how to help your kids or students grow in these areas.

Safeguard medications at home.

Take inventory of your medications.  Count them.  Write the number of pills and the date in a safe place. Check often to see if some are missing.

Lock your medications in a safe place.  Many people choose to store their meds in a locked box, away from the usual storage areas like medicine cabinets or kitchens.  This makes it tougher for youth to access them.

Safely get rid of medications that you no longer need or that are expired.  Do not flush them down the drain or toilet. Follow these easy steps to destroy them the right way.
  1. Pour medications out of their original containers into a zip baggie. 
  2. Pour hot water (over 110 degrees F—about as hot as a cup of coffee) into the baggie.  This dissolves the meds.
  3. Insert an undesirable substance (like kitty litter) into the baggie. This keeps drug seekers away. Seal the baggie. Place in trash bin.

Take the pledge to help prevent prescription drug abuse.

I still want more information, who can I talk to?
Our team of trained Health Educators may be able to lead an educational workshop for your group! We look forward to talking to your group of youth or adults about the dangers of prescription abuse and ways to prevent it.

Contact a Health Educator specializing in prescription drug abuse prevention  email us at:

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This project is made possible by funding from the Orange County Health Care Agency, Alcohol & Drug Education and Prevention Team.