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Sexual Assault Victim & Prevention Resources

Certified Sexual Assault Counselors respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week via a rape crisis hotline, to police departments and hospitals, and through two rape crisis centers. Comprehensive and confidential services are provided to victims of rape and other sexual assaults, sexually abused children, and their family members.

The rates of sexual assault are vastly underreported.  Many victims of sexual assault may feel scared, alone, and concerned that people won’t believe them when they try to report.  Feelings of shame, guilt and embarrassment are common in the aftermath of a sexual assault. It’s important to know, however, that sexual assault victims are not alone and regardless of the circumstance, it is never the victim’s fault.  SAVS is here to provide free and confidential support and services for any victim of sexual violence.

Services Include:

  • 24-HOUR Hotline/Hospital Response – On-call counselors respond to clients on the hotline and provide support at the hospital during forensic exams. These services are available 24-hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Crisis Intervention Counseling – In-person or telephone services which support clients and their families in their effort to cope with the trauma of victimization and provide assistance in the recovery process.
  • Support Groups – Types of support group include: psycho-educational, process and Yoga as Healing. Group facilitators strive to provide an atmosphere of mutual sharing and support.
  • Empowerment Workshop Series – Workshops are offered several times a year with the goal of empowering and strengthening a client’s sense of self and healing. Sample workshop topics include: Self-care, Healthy Relationships, and Assertiveness Skills.
  • Emergency Assistance – Counselors will work with clients to determine and meet immediate needs for medical care, shelter, food, and clothing.
  • Accompaniment – Counselors are available to provide support during law enforcement interviews, meetings at the District Attorney’s Office, court proceedings, and in other settings at the request of the victim.
  • Advocacy – Upon request, contact will be made with agencies or individuals in order to advocate for a desired outcome based on the needs of the victim.
  • Criminal Justice System Orientation – Information and court tours which help to familiarize clients with the criminal justice system. Information regarding individual case status and disposition information will also be provided.
  • Information and referral – Links to available community resources will be provided based on client’s individual needs.

For questions or to be connected to a sexual assault counselor, please call: North County Office (714) 834-4317 or South County Office (949) 752-1971
Project HER: Heal. Engage. Respond.
Sexual Assault staff is trained to provide support to women veterans who have experienced any form of sexual assault before, during, or after their military service.  Project HER is committed to creating a safe environment to build a community of support for women who have served in the military. A wide variety of services are offered free of charge.
For questions or to be connected to a sexual assault counselor, please call: (714) 834-4317

Sexual Assault Prevention Education and Community Outreach
Prevention Educators work in conjunction with local schools, colleges, and community groups to provide programs that educate, empower and lead to reduction in the incidence of sexual assault.


  • Community Education – Educators provide prevention information on sexual assault, acquaintance rape, sexual harassment, Internet safety, “date rape drugs”, and related topics for schools, colleges, civic groups, law enforcement and other community agencies.
  • Sexual Assault Counselor Certification Training – A 48-hour state certified training which provides individuals with the opportunity to receive the education and learn skills required to act as a sexual assault counselor.
  • Volunteer Counselors - All Sexual Assault Volunteers and Interns must successfully complete the Certification training. Volunteer responsibilities include scheduled response to the 24-hr hotlines, to law enforcement calls at the hospital, and participate in Prevention Education events throughout the community.
  • Self-defense Classes – Scheduled on a regular basis, these classes provide empowerment for individuals as they learn ways to keep themselves safer.

To schedule a presentation or sign up for a self-defense class, please call (949) 417-2108