If you have received a subpoena call the telephone number listed, or contact the nearest Court Center Witness Specialist:

Central Justice Center - Santa Ana

(714) 834-4350

Harbor Justice Center - Newport Beach

(949) 476-4855

Lamoreaux Justice Center - Orange

(714) 935-7074

North Justice Center - Fullerton

(714) 441-3568

West Justice Center - Westminster

(714) 934-4634

Witness Services

The testimony of witnesses to crime can be essential in the search for justice. Many times crime victims are needed to testify against the perpetrator or an innocent bystander may have seen something that is important to proving the facts of the case. If you are an individual who has witnessed a crime, you may be required to testify, under oath, during a court hearing.

CSP Witness Specialists work with the District Attorney’s office to facilitate the participation of witnesses during the process of a criminal trial. Witness Specialists are located in every Court Center and provide assistance to individuals who have received a subpoena (order to appear in court) issued by the District Attorney’s office. The Witness Specialist is able to provide the following assistance:

  • Explain the obligation you have as a witness,
  • Provide a general orientation to the criminal justice system,
  • Provide the date and time when you need to be in court,
  • Let you know when a hearing or trial has been postponed or canceled,
  • If required, arrange for transportation to court,
  • If required, intervene with your employer to explain that you are required to appear in court,
  • Assist with the completion of Witness Fees application, and
  • Notify you of the outcome of the case.

Additionally, if you are a crime victim who is required to testify, your assigned Victim Advocate will work with you to access the variety of services available to crime victims and provide support during the actual trial.